Most of the people always possess second opinions before making any dealings through the online stores since they have various thoughts regarding the policies that are provided by them. Thus 'royalpharmacy.net' has been an efficient website that makes a proper provision of committed policies thus being enough favorable for our customers.

Prescription policy:

This policy recommends that people must provide their prescription list at the time of making the placement of the orders & the customers must remember that such letters must be valid & legal. In case, the customer is not able to produce the appropriate prescription, the respective dealings with the customer are ought to be canceled.

Cancellation policy:

In certain cases, we observe that our consumers do not receive proper & appropriate drug products or sometimes, damaged products are received by them. There has been a specified time period which is fixed for every delivery that takes place from our organization. In case of the failure of such services or even on account of cancellation of the orders( this must take place within 24 hours of making placement of the orders), thus the entire money or the payment of the product gets cancelled. Here, we rely on 'money back guarantee scheme'.

Discreet packaging:

All parcel we ship are 100% Discreet, Confidential and 100% Privacy maintain throughout the entire business consignment, we concentrate on the facts that no external aspects interfere in our functionaries.


'A problem well defined is half solved' & we get to know about the nature of our working, we would appreciate the feedback. So, feel free to share your comments, experience, queries on our website.