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Facts about Impotence in Men and its Concern

Impotence also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a sexual dysfunction and a common problem found among men. It is signified by the inability to maintain an erection which is sufficient for sexual intercourse in humans. 

Psychological causes may include stress, anxiety, guilt and depression. Earlier it was thought that impotence is mainly caused by psychological reasons but now it has been recognized that physical causes commonly play a role in impotence.

Risk of impotence increases with age. Men at the age of 60s are more likely to experience impotence as compared to those men at the age of 40s. It has a serious impact on the life of men who suffers with impotence, their partners and their families. 

During a normal condition when a man is sexually aroused, a signal from the brain is communicated to the nerves in the penis. This results in the flowing of blood and its maintenance in the penis. The penis expands and hardens as it becomes swollen with blood resulting in a penile erection. Intrusion in erection can be due to difficulties with nerves, blood vessels or tissues of the penis. This intrusion causes Erectile Dysfunction.

There are different medicines/drugs available online at cheap prices and without prescription and one must choose carefully from those as different medicines can have varying side effects.Some have sildenafil citrate or generic viagra as their active component, while some of the medicines have vardenafil or tadalafil as their active component. 

Though these medicines differ in their active component the mode of action remains the same as all of the active components are PDE5 type inhibitor and works by increasing the blood supply to the penis resulting in stronger erections during the sexual activity.